ValueError when submitting

I have just submitted without changing any parts for arranging my predictions into csv file, but am getting a ValueError (see below for exact message). Is anyone else running into the same issue? or is something wrong with my CSV file?

As far as I can see, the format is alike as my previous submissions which did not end in an error.

Error message:

ValueError: The truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all()


I recieved the same error message.

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Me too. In my case, prediction values are all 'inf'

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I have also tried resubmitting the same prediction I was able to submit earlier, but got the same error. A bug in the score calculation perhaps?

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I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
There was a problem during system update. Currently, it's operating normally.
I would appreciate your continuous support.

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